What are the common functions in Onne

Onne is intuitive, easy and fast to use. Once you create an account, there are a set of common functions available for your use.

Open Onne Business App

Wall, Applets, Users and OnneTalk - These are the 4 functions you will see at the bottom of your app screen

Any kind of message or post you create will appear on the wall. You will also see messages created by other admins and super admins, if you are the owner of the app.

Applets are essentially features available for your use. Choose any feature, create messages and share with users connected to your app. You can also access all the features inside the applets section by clicking on the PEN icon.

You can create any message and share via social media or whatsapp, even if you don't have users connected to your app.

This section will allow you to invite users to join your app. You can also create groups and assign admins using the different tabs inside Users screen.

Anyone connected to your app will be listed here. You can have private chats, one-one or with a group of users. You can also chat with other admins who will help you manage the app.

Click on the top left profile photo section to add a profile photo for your business, group or organisation. You can also update your profile by filling all the necessary information here.

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your app screen. You will be able to

a) Complete Business Profile

b) Include your Bank details and

c) Switch to other apps your manage of you have multiple apps connected to your profile.

Need further assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@onne.world.