Invite users to join your App

In Onne for Business app, you can invite users, members, customers or your team to engage in meaningful communication. Use the set of productivity tools in Onne to create, share and automate manual tasks.

To invite users,

Step 1

Step 2

You will find 4 ways to invite users.

  1. Share invite on social media- Share the invite link to any other social media platforms connected to your phone. eg, Whatsapp.
  1. Copy invite link- Copy the link and paste it anywhere. eg, chat or email.
  1. Invite from phonebook- Invite directly from the contacts synced to your phone. The invite will go as a text message.
  1. Add users manually- Add users one by one by manually entering their contact information. The invite will go as a text message.

Users will receive your invitation with a link to download and connect with you.

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