Create groups

Groups in Onne Business App enables you to communicate effectively with your users. Create groups for individual teams/ batches. You can add unlimited number of users within a single group.

Side note: You can assign admins to manage groups. Delegate work with ease. For eg, Assign your Sales manager / Team Lead as the admin for a group named "Sales".

How to create Groups

  1. Open Onne Business App
  1. Click on 'Users'
  1. Select Groups next to ‘All Users’
  1. Click on the + sign
  1. Give a Title / Name for your group.
  1. Select the users you want to add to the group and Voila! Your group with users is set.

When users join your app, you can see them within the group list.

Follow the same steps to create multiple groups. You can have unlimited users in each group.

Benefits of creating a group

And many more options are coming soon…

You can also open any group and see the information shared with the specific group by the owner or super admin or the admin.

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