Create a progress report card

Progress report applet of Onne will allow you to create personalized reports for your entire class in few seconds.

This feature is ideal for kindergarten, junior and senior schools, tuition centres, colleges and coaching institutes.

Step 1

a) Select progress report from the call to action pen icon on your wall.


b) Open Applets and select the progress report.

Step 2

Click on the + icon

Step 3

(Select the class group. If you don’t see class group, See how to create a group first and add users

Step 4

Step 5

Optional: Get another admin to vet the report card you created.

Step 6

Individual progress reports are generated and sent in minutes.

How your users receive the report card:

1) a) They can access the report either by clicking on the push notification


b) By opening the app and seeing it on their wall.

2) The arrow button on the top right allows sharing. They can send to any social media app available on their phone.

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