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This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are

We recognise that, world over, small businesses are an unserved lot. Products of varying complexities and functions are available for larger businesses, to engage with their customers and automate their processes. The small ones are left with choices of chat apps and social media to manage their business.

ONNE team see this as a huge gap in the market. We believe that technology has come this far, to be an enabler for just this kind of problem. We come into office everyday with a mission to help small businesses have a no-frills ERP that will prod them to the league of larger players.

The Lead

The Lead

Ones who set the course and shield the crew

25 years of leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver high value, complex products used by millions. A technocrat with the Governments of Singapore and Dubai, he had co-founded his previous business and had a 10X exit. Onne is his vision and now leads an inspired team to bring that to fruition.

Ashwin Panicker


15 years of experience in Marketing, Branding and Communication, from startups to MNCs. Quite a growth hacker, she has honed her versatility working in multiple countries and now brings all of that experience to take Onne to the global market.

Bavani Srinu


20 years of experience in software systems and solutions for Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile platforms. He left Philips Global to work on a product of his own eventually finding his way to a startup. He is the guru to our tech team steadying their hands when necessary.

Shahin Basheer


The Crew

The Crew

This is the bunch that make all the magic happen

A passionate techie and a diehard Jobs fan, Mike loves everything gadgets particularly if it has an half-eaten apple on it. He gets his kick by diving into the intricate algorithms that drive Onne and is an ardent believer of 'let's take the pain, so that our customer don't have to'

Michael Teddy Fernandez

Senior Software Engineer

Prabha codes faster than he can speak. In fact he prefers to code more. A hackathon enthusiast, we found him in one and we are glad that he chose us over a plum MNC. A true believer in quality over quantity', his lines of codes is sure to inspire other coders.

Prabhashankar Kannapan

Software Engineer

When he walks across to the Dev desks, the coders stop breathing. Shabeer lives for quality and no detail is too small for him. And he takes his time to assure that every revision and build of Onne goes out with the finesse we want. All with his brand of humour.

Shabeer Latheef

QA Engineer

Our own version of the Swiss Army Knife. The go to man when you want something fixed. But when not doing that he is crunching numbers and analyzing product performance in the market. He ensures that our market gets to know who we are and what Onne does.

Vighnesh R

Campaign Manager

Rasmi makes sure that we have everything we need to do our jobs. A self-starter, she enjoys working with people and manage ops collaborating with the team. Always the mother-hen, cheerful and smiling, she can easily switch from counting money to scraping data.

Rasmi Vaisakh

Ops & Admin

Our Believers

Our Believers

There are many, but here are the ones who has been with us through and through

Swethal Kumar brings his stellar global experience to our table. He looks at Onne from a 40,000 feet and sets our bearings right, when we tend to wander.

Swethal Kumar


Deepu brings in a perspective to Onne as only an Enterprise guy can do. His deep insights and exposure to the cutting edge, helps Onne to be future proof.

Deepu Sugathan


Having built and helmed businesses across SE Asia, Japan, Europe and South Asia, Sandy's decades of experience and network helps us with our GTM strategies.

Sandeep Balaji


Our Vision

Our Vision

Create and propagate a technology platform that positively contributes to all humanity

Our Mission

Our Mission

Develop Onne platform that help common man to connect, engage and transact with several entities that are part of their routine life, without noise, and provide small businesses, organisations and entities access to a digital interface that help them connect directly with their customers.

Our Values

Our Values

We hold the value of integrity above all.

We celebrate people of all gender, race, disability, colour or sexual orientation.

We carry an ethic that mutually respect everyone’s beliefs and culture.

We are mindful of our impact to the environment.

We believe that the only constant is change and continuously challenge norms, evolve and adapt.

Join Us

Join Us

So you want to work with a crazy bunch, challenge the norms and set things right? Join us if you have a fire in the belly and challenges keep you up in the night. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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