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We Say No To Our Customers!

We Say No To Our Customers!

We Say No To Our Customers!


12 March, 2020

6 minutes read

Most of the time.

Anyone who is considered successful by any yardstick you care about can vouch that, the path to growth is all about the choices you make. And when you make one choice, you will be saying no to the other. There is no other way. There can be no exaggeration of how much power is packed into this little two-letter word: NO.

I have seen many who haven't had polished their act of saying no, eventually bleed their heart out as a result. It's the fear of losing perhaps or the fear of uncertainty that comes with it – I can’t be sure. But if one doesn't know when to say no, they are bound to get kicked in their rear at some point.

Investors would concur that their success lies in their ability to say 'no' 99 times before saying 'yes' to that 100th one. The caveat, of course, is also to know whom to say yes to, but that is beside the point.

On a personal front, I can think of many, but on the business side, one big moment for me was when I said NO to a (reasonably) big-ticket offer from a ME investor, purely because it would have qualified well as dumb money. Good relations withstanding. That too at a time when we could have used some zeros added to our bank account.

Every day, every time, we talk to our customers we get a whole load of feedback; essentially their wish list of what more our product could be for them. We listen to them all, record them and then we take a real hard look at them. We look at how those features would sit within the boundaries of our product, how it impedes the viability and scalability, affects the pricing and everything in between. Then comes the hard part. We find ourselves having to say no to most of the wish list.

It isn’t arrogance. We would love to thrill our customers, in fact, we do. But then we also know what makes us a product company and not a service.

Saying no is truly an act of grace is what we believe. What we make sure though is that we say it gracefully and never walk away in silence.