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The State Of Emptiness And SaaS

10 Feb 2020      6 minutes read

A state of emptiness could either be an opportunity or a misfortune. My intent though is not to engage in a discussion on spiritual pursuits, but to discuss how addressing the state of emptiness is fatally critical for a SaaS product. Discuss, how we learned that lesson at Onne. Emptiness quite often has a negative connotation.


We say no to our customers!

12 March 2020      6 minutes read

Most of the time. Anyone who is considered successful by any yardstick you care about can vouch that, the path to growth is all about the choices you make. And when you make one choice, you will be saying no to the other. There is no other way. There can be no exaggeration of how much power is packed into this little two-letter word: NO.

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