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We have listed below answers to some questions we are asked often

ONNE is a platform that helps any business, organisation, freelancers or individuals to get their own mobile app within 3 minutes. Instead of spending a lot of time, effort and money on creating stand alone apps, ONNE provides ready to use apps to improve communication and do business instantly.
Anyone who wants to have a mobile app to do business or keep in touch with their members should get an app on ONNE. Anyone who wants to improve their overall productivity should get their app on ONNE. With the increasing number of smartphone users, ONNE enables businesses, organisations, freelanders or individuals to go digital and stay cONNEcted with their members.
Getting an app on ONNE takes only 3 steps. 1. Download ONNE Business App from the playstore 2. Register and create an account 3. Choose ready app bundles or individal applets and publish your app
ONNE offers a BASIC app for 999 users, FREE for life. You can choose additional applets and add them to your basic free app. Some applets and free and some are paid for. You only pay based for what you choose.
When you get your app on ONNE, you will find 12 awesome functions that are part of your Basic app completeley free for use. Any additional applet or feature that you add can be free or paid based on the functionality it offers.
ONNE is beyond a chat platform. It is a no frill ERP platform that helps in communication and increasing your productivity. Chat platforms like whatsapp provides no structure. it becomes difficult to track messages. With ONNE, it is easy to demarcate and have different sections, making it easy for the admins and the users to keep track of messages and information that is shared. ONNE provides the flexibility for you to choose the functions and features that are essential for your business.

Whatsapp does not provide an RSVP function to manage events, With ONNE, you can create events, get RSVP and even send reminders to the users who have not responded. ONNE also has ready applets for different businesses such leave application, report card generation, alerts, calendar, timetable etc, which is not available in a chat platforms like whatsapp.

More than anything else, group chats is close spamming. Your members will get annoyed with a lot of messages. It always takes away a lot of productivity time.

ONNE gives your business, organisation or entity the credibility because you have your own app. With ONNE, you can brand your business with your logo, colors, information, opening time, closing time, about your school, location, email, website and more.

Getting an app on ONNE takes 3 steps and just 3 minutes in total. Sign up for your app, enter your details and publish it to the world. Your app is ready to use.
Adding multiple admins to your app is easy. Open the Assign admin applet listed under applets section on your app home screen. You will find it under the quick access section. Choose who you would like to assign as an admin . An invitation is sent to them to join your app as an admin. You can assign multiple admins to manage your app.
Improve efficiency - Chat platforms for business can be distracting, blame it on it's linear form of communication. With ONNE, make use of functions and features that are designed specifically for you to improve your productivity.

Save Time - While chat platforms reduces efficiency and takes away a lot of your time, ONNE helps in sending effective communication with structure thereby saving everyone's time.

Better Engagement - Keeping in touch with your members and users and engaging with them is easier with ONNE. Build your Brand - Build credibility, business and brand image by getting your own app instead of using chat platforms.

Great Insights - Understand your members and customers better with indepth analytics which will help you take better business decisions.
Once you get your app on ONNE, you can invite your contacts to connect with you. You can do this in 3 ways.

1) Add contacts one by one and an invite is sent to them via SMS

2) Invite contacts using the 'invite via phonebook' function. You can choose any number of contacts you would like to invite.

3) Invite using 'social media option'. When your customer clicks on the link that is sent to them, they will be taken to your app to connect.
Because chat apps are not for business. Because one size does not fit all. ONNE gives you a ready-to-use, powerful business app, to streamline communication, manage routine tasks and increase your business efficiency by up to 30%. Standalone apps are expensive to build - With ONNE, you can get your own app in low cost.

Take minutes, not months, to have an app and start doing business

Focus on your business with no worry of troubleshooting your app

Pay only for what you use and that at an astonishingly low cost

Ready app bundle for business to manage your work with ease

Your data on Onne is safe, secure and accessed only by you.

Build your business reputation by getting your own app on ONNE.

Your app is hosted on cloud. Communicate from anywhere.
ONNE app is very usefull for small, medium or large businesses.
All you need to build an app of your own with ONNE is to have an idea! At ONNE, you do not need any programming knowledge or skills for this easy to use pick and choose platform.
You can generate new password in the app itself by click Forgot Password in the login page.
Your app is hosted on ONNE. When you create your app on ONNE, your app will be ready to use. Customers have to download ONNE from the app/playstore and connect with you.
ONNE is a free to use App for a certain number of users. You just have to sign the basic terms and conditions and privacy policy to get your app, which is pretty standard for most apps.
Absolutely. You can add in your logo, name, business details, brand colors and more on your app. You will also be able to select ready app bundles or pick individual applets that is relevant for your business
You can send messages individually to your members or broadcast to everyone. You will also be able to create different groups for your members and choose messages that are relevant to them.
Notifications are sent out as soon as you send any information to your members. There are auto reminder functions which rends reminders at a fixed interval too
ONNE is location agnostic. You can sign up and create your app from anywhere in the world. You customers can also download the app from anywhere.
ONNE provides an app for businesses and an app for end users. Customers can download ONNE from the app/playstore, register and look for your app to connect with you.