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Features of Clubs and Associaiton App

This bundle is ideal for clubs and associations who would like to have threaded communication with their members. With a choice of open/closed communication, clubs have complete control in how members engage with the admins and other group members. With Onne organisers or committee members can manage online registrations, collect membership fees, automate reminders, send notices, create events and get member RSVP, have private chats, take feedback and also conduct polls.

  • Receive member registration form in a tabulated format

  • Collect membership fees & automate payment reminders

  • Manage events with member RSVP

Your Clubs and Association App Features

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Assign Admins

   by V kurup

This applet provides various admin rights and controls to save your time. As an owner of the app, you will have complete view and access of all the features and applets. Owners can assign super admins and admins to the app. This feature works great if you would like to delegate and take some work load off you. Super admins have all the rights except deletion of account. Admins will have limited access without being privy to all applets and features. Example, provide restricted access to fees and financials section of the app.

  • Three level admin access

  • Delegate tasks to other members

  • Allow select access to other admins


   by V Kurup

Onne is integrated with Zoom to allow you video calls, without having to leave your this app. Start teleconferencing, remote meetings, online education or virtual gatherings directly to the groups or individual users who are connected to your app. All you need to do is create an account with Zoom and enter your credentials in Onne.

  • Improve remote working productivity

  • Share screens with upto 100 users

  • Live video, audio and chat to collaborate effectively

One Time Invoice

   by P Kannapan

This applet is useful for individuals, freelancers or businesses. You can raise invoice and get paid for your services. The e-invoicing applet is a simple invoice template that aims to improve your business efficiency, reduce cost and enable you to enjoy faster payment cycles. You can access this applet from the payment section. No more printing and mailing of invoices. Save paper and go digital with the invoicing applet.

  • Create invoice, receive payments and reconcile accounts

  • Auto reminder facility to remind on upcoming payment or payment due

  • Invoices are generated as beautiful templates and can be shared on social media as well

Create Groups

   by P kannapan

The group management applet allows you to add multiple users to a group and send communication in one go. Instead of messaging one to one, this applet saves time by sending messages altogether. A great feature to use if you have a set of customers, users, students, employees you wish to message and keep them in the loop. Share posts, images, alerts, documents or just about anything. There are no restrictions on the number of users to add in a specific group.

  • You can create different groups for different classes or sections

  • Specific class timetables or reports can be sent to specific groups

  • Common information for entire school can be broadcasted to everyone

Weekly Timetable

   by V Kurup

If you are tired of writing down the schedule in notebooks, timetable applet is for you. This flexible applet can be personalized for the whole week or just for few days. You can create as many timetables or schedules you want for different classes/sections. An easy to use interface allows you to input data into your timetable applet in seconds. Timetables are auto generated into beautiful templates and shared individually or to groups.

  • Create as many timetables or schedules you want

  • Easy interface allows you to input data into your timetable template

  • Timetables are auto generated into beautiful templates and shared individually or to groups

Attendance Marking

   by P kannapan

This applet is ideal for marking attendance of students, employees and participants be it for a single session, multiple sessions or a whole day. Mark attendance of users in one click. Instant alerts will notify them immediately. Track attendance marked for any day, for any group as well.

  • Create attendance single or multiple sessions

  • Retrieve attendance marked for any day

  • Instant alerts to notify on absence


   by V Kurup

Upload a PDF file of any document you want to share, for members to see. This could be word, excel or powerpoint

  • Visible to users who join the app

  • Create it offline and share online

  • Send to individuals or groups



   by V Kurup

The forms applet allows you to create different kinds of forms for your business need. Using this applet,you can collect various information from your users. From admission forms to registration forms, these forms can be customized. Tap on the questions you want users to answer in your form. When users join, they will be asked to fill it. You can export the responses to your form into excel.

  • Build your form from pre-created questions

  • Get answers digitally

  • Export the forms into excel format


   by V Kurup

Onnetalk is a private and reliable chat feature within Onne app that allows your school to have meaningful engagement with parents, students and teachers. Choose between one-to-one chat or group chat. Your student details are kept private with their contact numbers visible only to your and other admins.

  • Clutter-Free private messaging without spam

  • Have One-on-One or Group Chat

  • Keep your students contact details private

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